Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Love Of A Brother

Yesterday, my five year old daughter lost her first tooth. Having two older brothers she knew all about the tooth fairy and that she could get a little bit of money if she stuck her tooth under her pillow. She took her tooth and stuck it in a ziploc bag and then stuck it under her pillow.

I got the kids up for school, and like usual, they were a little groggy, but I woke them up and told them it was time for school. So while the kids were getting ready for school I decided to make breakfast. I was making eggs with sausage and potatoes and such, when my 13 year old came out to see what I was doing. I had asked him to go check on his sister and brother and make sure that they were getting up for school. He left and then came back a few minutes later. After I was done cooking breakfast, I went and checked on the other two once again.

My daughter was awake and she hadn't forgot about her tooth at all. She immediately looked under her pillow and found a dollar. Not much, but to a five year old, a dollar is like a million bucks. She was so excited. I was thinking in my head that I was grateful that my wife had remembered to put a dollar under her pillow because I had forgotten all about her tooth. Typical guy thing to forget about that type of stuff.

I went back into the kitchen and started making breakfast burrito's with the food that I had cooked. A few minutes later, my 13 year old came up to me and said, "Here dad". He laid something on the counter, but there was a pot in the way and I couldn't see it. I looked around the pot and still didn't see it. I asked him what it was and he picked it up and said, "It's Harley's tooth". I looked at him and said, "How in the world did you end up with her tooth?" Then he told me that when he went into her room to wake her up he looked under her pillow and noticed that my wife and I had both forgotten to replace the tooth with some money. So he told me that he got some of his own money and replaced the tooth with it. When I heard that he had done this, I immediately got all choked up and began to tear up. I gave him the biggest hug ever and thanked him.

It just amazes me how much our children take care of their brothers and sisters and even bail out their parents when their parents forget. We all forget at sometimes, and it's the best feeling in the world to know that we have children looking out for us! God bless the children of this world.


2RedSneaks said...

That is a very sweet story! I have a big brother too so I understand exactly what you are saying here! You must have raised some great kiddo! Thanks for sharing!


Jan said...

You made me cry, Babe. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Give Ethan a big hug and tell him his Grandma loves him. I'm so very proud of him.