Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why Divorce?

Have you ever just sat back and thought, what would the world be like if everybody just got along? If people never got divorces and just worked out their differences! How would this effect our children today? What would they be like if they didn't come from a broken home? After all, it seems that when I watch a show on TV and the people have problems, it seems like
almost always that they blame it on the parents. So what if the people came from perfect homes? What then? Would they be perfect citizens walking around with Ph.D's or would they still be jerks? Or maybe they would just be your average Joe! Who knows, but let's look back at the parents.

It's been said that children as well as teens look to their parents as roll models. If you look at your kids, or someone who has them, you can see that the children want to be involved with their parents! Children want to do what their Father's do, and do what their Mother's do. Let's say that Daddy is in the Military, there is a real good chance that son or daughter is going to want to be in the military too! This isn't to say that their choice in careers won't change by the time that they graduate high school, but it is saying that for a good chunk of their life, they are going to want to be what their Father or Mother is as far as a career.

However the real question to me is why are people divorcing in the first place? You see, when you married you made a vow! Everybody make them! Most people follow a set of vows that says they will stick with their partner through thick and thin! They make a lifelong commitment to be with their spouse "until death do they part" meaning that only death will separate them! Nothing else will come between them. Not health issues or finance issues or any other kind of issue. No matter what the circumstance, they vow to stick with each other. In most marriages this is sworn on a Bible. Basically it means that the marriage vows that each person takes is not sworn to each other. The wife doesn't swear to her husband that she will stick with him through thick and thin, nor does the husband swear that he will stick with his wife through thick and thin. Rather both of them swear to God, the creator of this universe, that they will stick with their spouse through thick and thin. When they do get divorced they have broken the commitment that they make with God, not with each other. And let's face it, if your a Christian you know that God hates divorce. Malachi 2:16 says, “The man who hates and divorces his wife, ” says the Lord, the God of Israel, “does violence to the one he should protect,” says the Lord Almighty. Basically it says that you should stick with your spouse no matter what because divorce does more harm than good. You might think your getting away, but your not. The pain is very real and when you divorce it makes it that much worse.

There are tons of reasons that people divorce, but the number one reason always seems to be the same and that is finances. People divorce over money, or lack there of, more than any other reason. But is money a real reason to divorce? No. We all have struggles in this life that we have. If you can find one person in this world that has had the perfect life then you are fooling yourself because there is not one person in this world who has not had it hard in their life at some point. We all struggle in life, but if your married you struggle together. Listen, I would rather struggle with my wife than struggle alone. At least if my wife and I struggle together I have someone who knows how I feel and I have a shoulder to cry on. Being alone is just no fun in my opinion.

If there is one thing that I have found out in life it's that the Bible has the answer to literally everything in life. No matter what I am going through I can look to God and find help. God wants to help you and he will if you are willing to let him. So if you are struggling in the divorce area, get help. I would encourage anybody thinking about divorce to get help from a local church. Get counseling from a church not some guy who is going to charge you $200 bucks an hour for his opinion. Get help from God. He deeply cares for you and desperately wants to help you.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

People Not So Sugar Sweet to Sugarland

I have yet to figure out why people sue each other here in this country.  I can understand suing someone for really screwing you out of your money or for being coned or something like that, but for no reason makes no sense what so ever.

It's sad for me to see that the band Sugarland is being sued by some of the victims families that died or got injured in last years Indiana State Fair.  It doesn't even make sense to me that people would even think to sue Sugarland.  They had nothing to do with this incident.  They just happened to be there.  If Sugarland knew in advance that the stage was going to collapse and didn't tell anybody, or if they had built the stage themselves, then it might be worth suing them, but not for things that were beyond their control.

It's sad that people want to point fingers and blame everyone.  However, an attorney representing one of the victims in the lawsuit(no name given) said the band was trying to “pass the blame.”  Basically, this attorney is saying that it is Sugarlands fault.  So, so sad that even lawyers are blaming Sugarland for a simply buck!

Monday, January 23, 2012

No Point

So I go to Lowe's Home Improvement the other day because I needed a few things to finish a project that I was working on.  So I go in the store, find everything that I needed, and then proceed to checkout.  Not a big deal right?  Everything normal so far, right?  Well, it's not during the checkout that things get weird, not even when the guy told me to have a great day.  It's when I've already left the store that things get weird, or rather Lowe's gets weird!

I'm out the door walking to my car when all of the sudden a guy comes out the store chasing me telling me that I set off the alarm in the store.  I understand that sometimes things like this happen, so I'm not in any way offended, however what bothered me is what the guy says next.

He tells me that he has to take me back to the store to "deactivate" the metal strips that caused the store alarms go off!  This is where they got me!  First, I just don't understand the logic in making me go back to the store.  Second is because I have my receipt that proves that I bought the stuff that I have in my hands! I had only bought 3 items and my receipt proves that I bought them, but the guy insisted in taking me back to the store and deactivating the metal strips.

Well to make a long story short, I ended up going back to the store and letting him deactivate my stuff.  The point is that this was stupid.  A total waste of time.  What Lowe's should have done was checked my receipt and sent me on my way.  There is no point in dragging a customer back to the store to deactivate something that was already out the store.  Just check their receipt and send them on their way!

And that's my rant for the day...I think!