Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Is Crime Being Justified?

I've never understood why marijuana is illegal, yet promoting it isn't.  I mean, if it's illegal, you would think that promotion of illegal activities would be just as illegal as the the illegal products themselves. When marijuana is illegal, the last thing that I want to see is a t-shirt or poster or whatever, encouraging people to get high.  It just doesn't make any sense.  I even see people wearing jewelry of the marijuana plant.  What makes this ok?

TV shows are another thing that I just don't get now days.  Most shows on TV now days are raunchy. There is always somebody that's on the "good" side doing something illegal.  At least that's what it seems like to me.

When the TV series Dexter came out, it was popular.  I mean, really popular.  For the life of me, I just can't figure out why.  Here we have a guy who has an obsession.  What's that obsession?  Murder.  I mean he just can't stop murdering people.  If he doesn't murder someone every so often, he's going to go out of his mind.  Oh, but wait, he's not a bad murderer...he's a good murderer.  As if there really is a difference.  You see, Dexter doesn't just kill random people.  Who does he kill?  Other murderers.  That's right.  Dexter works for a police station.  He has access to things that most people don't.  He hides evidence from his colleagues so that they can't find the murderers that they are trying to find.  He makes it so that only he can find them.   He goes out and finds murderers and kills them so that they can't kill again.  He "takes out the trash" so to speak.

Regardless, murder is murder no matter how you look at it.  Whether or not your killing some random person or just killing other murderers.  It's still murder.  I think that the problem is that we twist the story in a way that makes him look good.  We feel sorry for Dexter because he's got an obsession to kill that he can't control, yet we make him out to be a hero because he's killing other murderers so that they can't kill again.  I think that people overlook the bad in Dexter because all they see is that he's doing something good in this world by "making it a safer place to live".  The simple fact is that Dexter is nothing more than a murderer himself.  He's just as guilty as the people that he kills.  It amazes me that people thought that this show was something good to watch.  People thought that this show was so good that it lasted 8 seasons.

Breaking Bad is very similar.  The shows producers make you feel sorry for the guy because he has terminal cancer.  He is in a desperate situation trying to make enough money for his family so that when he dies, they won't be left high and dry.  What's wrong with that, right?  Problem is that in order to make this money, he starts cooking meth.  Oh, but wait.  He's high school chemistry teacher so he can cook a "clean" type of meth.  Not that "dirty" type most meth dealers make.  It's "safer"!  Yeah right.  Come on.  Are you serious?  Meth is meth no mater how you look at it.  It's all bad.  There is no cleaner or safer version than the next.  Why we watch this garbage is beyond me.  Why do we make criminals out to be heroes?  Breaking Bad was so popular it lasted for 5 seasons.

No matter how you look at it, illegal is illegal.  I just don't understand why we make criminals out to be heroes and why we promote illegal drug activity.  It just makes no sense to me and it should be illegal to do so.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Now Hear This...Don't Listen To Critics!

I find it hard to listen to critics. Not because the don't know what they are talking about, but because they are so professional. What I mean is that they are to professional. So what exactly do I mean you ask? Let me explain.

There are tons of critics out there. Some for movies, some for cars, some for products. There are just a ton of them. You can find them just about anywhere. On TV. On YouTube. On commercials. They're everywhere. So what's wrong with them? Nothing...and everything. The way that I see it is that these people, for the most part are professionals. They have a job of reviewing a certain item, for example, like cars. When a new car comes out they review it. They give you their best opinion of that car and tell you whether or not you should buy it. If they review movies, they also give you their best opinion and tell you whether or not you should go and see it. Problem is that most are so professional that we as regular consumers don't have the faintest clue on what they are talking about.

To many critics are to critical on the things that just don't matter to me. However, this is just my opinion. If I am looking at a car for example, I do look at reviews, but I only pay attention to the things that matter to me, because to be honest, the other part of the review really doesn't matter to me. I really don't care if the car has the latest and greatest fuel injection system or not or if is has halogen bulbs or not. I don't care. My concern is whether or not the car will hold up. Will it get me to work and back? Does it have enough power? How good do the brakes work? Stuff like that. I really don't care if it doesn't have the best spark plugs on the market or not. It amazes me when critics give cars bad ratings simply because they don't have the latest and greatest things available on the market. I have seen cars get bad rating and gone out and tested them myself, and thought that they were great!

Movies are another thing. Critics are to picky when it comes to movies. I remember when the movie Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck came out. I saw Ebert and Roeper do a review on this movie and they gave it horrible reviews. At least Ebert did. I remember him saying that in the movie, they only used 3 WWII planes for the whole movie. They just used digital copies of the three planes to make it look like there were several hundred planes. He said he could tell and that the digital copies were horrible. I tried my best to see what he was seeing and for the life of me I just couldn't see it, and to be honest, I thought Pearl Harbor was a really good movie.

The website Rotten Tomatoes is a good place to go if you want to get a good review on a movie you want to see. They show you what the critics say about it and the general audience. In most cases, there is a dramatic difference between what the critics think and what the audience thinks. It really shows you the difference between the two.

Simply put, just because a critic says that a car is bad, doesn't mean that it is. Just because a critic, says that a movie is horrible doesn't mean that you shouldn't go see it. It's simply their opinion. The best way, and only way, to find out is to go and see it yourself. That's with anything. Just remember that critics are professional. They see things that may matter to them, but in most cases, not the general public.