Monday, January 23, 2012

No Point

So I go to Lowe's Home Improvement the other day because I needed a few things to finish a project that I was working on.  So I go in the store, find everything that I needed, and then proceed to checkout.  Not a big deal right?  Everything normal so far, right?  Well, it's not during the checkout that things get weird, not even when the guy told me to have a great day.  It's when I've already left the store that things get weird, or rather Lowe's gets weird!

I'm out the door walking to my car when all of the sudden a guy comes out the store chasing me telling me that I set off the alarm in the store.  I understand that sometimes things like this happen, so I'm not in any way offended, however what bothered me is what the guy says next.

He tells me that he has to take me back to the store to "deactivate" the metal strips that caused the store alarms go off!  This is where they got me!  First, I just don't understand the logic in making me go back to the store.  Second is because I have my receipt that proves that I bought the stuff that I have in my hands! I had only bought 3 items and my receipt proves that I bought them, but the guy insisted in taking me back to the store and deactivating the metal strips.

Well to make a long story short, I ended up going back to the store and letting him deactivate my stuff.  The point is that this was stupid.  A total waste of time.  What Lowe's should have done was checked my receipt and sent me on my way.  There is no point in dragging a customer back to the store to deactivate something that was already out the store.  Just check their receipt and send them on their way!

And that's my rant for the day...I think!

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