Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What the UFC is Lacking is...

Most of us have heard of the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship. There are many versions of this "sport" but the most famous one is the UFC. IF you have never heard of the UFC, here is a quick breakdown.

The UFC is a contact sport. Two guys fighting each other to try and get the other one to quit. There are several ways to make your opponent quit or what most people call "tapping out". There are only a few rules that apply in this sport. Most are basic rules such as no hitting in the groin and no biting. Simple things like that. Other than that all things go. You can punch, elbow, kick, and knee your way into victory. You can do just about anything you wish until your opponent gives up by tapping out or gets knocked out. In rare cases, fighters last the entire 3 or 5 rounds. Basically you have 2 men fighting each other, trying to beat the holy hell out of the other. Fights are not immediately stopped when blood is seen as in boxing. Blood is allowed to flow as long as it does not interfere with a persons vision. Usually after a night of hard fighting when several fighters have gone, at the end or the last fight, you can see blood all over the mats from all the previous fights. It's insane.

So that's a simple breakdown of what the UFC is. Fighters are said to have some type of martial arts skill to be involved in the UFC. In fact, they are all called mixed martial artists. Some are said to possess more than one different style of martial arts. I guess that's where the "mixed" comes from in mixed martial artists. But what the UFC is really lacking is, your never going to believe this, martial arts.

The UFC is missing martial arts from all it's fights that it shows. I have yet to watch at UFC fight that shows any type of martial arts. These are not martial arts fighters. These "fighters" are street brawlers. I went on youtube.com and searched for martial arts fights and found a totally different type of fight that what the UFC has to offer. Fights that really have to do with Martial Arts. Fights like you see in Bruce Lee movies. The fights that you see in the UFC are nothing like that.

The fights that you see in the UFC are street fights. These guys punch each other as hard as they can. They pick each other up and body slam their opponent to the canvas. They pin each other against a cage and elbow one another in the face or knee the other in the ribs. If one is able to get on top of the other and pin there opponent to the ground, the other just starts punching the other in the face. As of yet, I have never seem one UFC fight that really has anything to do with martial arts.

What amazes me even more is how fast the popularity for this sport is on the rise. The UFC is becoming the fastest growing sport in America and possibly the world. People like to see others get the heck beat out of them. Just like people like to stop and see traffic accidents. There is something about violence that attracts us to it as people.

The downside to the UFC is when kids that are in high school and collage try and start their own secret fighting clubs because they want to be like a UFC fighter. Many kids have gotten themselves hurt pretty seriously by doing their own mock fights to the UFC. Dr. Phil had a program on one of his shows where he had Dana White, who is the CEO of the UFC, on and several UFC fighters. Dr. Phil was trying to discourage kids from trying to do these type of things without proper training because of all the statistics that he had on young kids getting seriously hurt by fighting one another.

My whole point is that the UFC is simply not martial arts. You can sugar coat it however you want, but it all reality, it's just plain fighting.

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