Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Small Bit Of Luxury

As you may know, most high end cars now days come with heated front seats.  Some cars only have the drivers seat as a heated seat, while most are putting heaters in the driver and passenger seats.  Even lower end cars are doing this, however in most cases, you must buy the high end version of that car or buy a package that offers the heated seats.  While heated seats are nice, especially in the winter months or times when it's cold, not everybody can afford them.  Heated seats can be pricy, and if they fail, unless they are still under warranty or you have an extended warranty, they can cost a pretty penny to fix.  In some cases the entire seat must be replaced.

However, heated seats for the rich is now becoming a thing of the past.  With a very small investment almost anybody can afford this small bit of luxury.  Almost every auto parts store carries heated seat cushions.  Stores like Wal-Mart and Target also offer these heated seat cushions.  And if you don't have access to these type of stores, you can always look online and find hundreds of different kinds of heated seat cushions that you can use for your vehicle.  The cost of these heated seat cushions is fairly inexpensive.  Wal-Mart offers one for right around $22.  Online they go anywhere from $20-$50.  Rather inexpensive if you ask me.

What makes these seat heaters so different is that most come with a massage function.  Depending on how much your willing to spend also depends on what your going to get.  The $22 one from Wal-Mart offers one heat setting but you can choose whether you want the seat to heat, the back to heat, or both at the same time.  It also offers an upper back massage function and a lower back massage function.  Both functions have a high and a low setting.  This is quite impressive for only $22.  If you get up into the $50 range, most offer a total body massage meaning the entire seat vibrates in one way or another.  There is also more of a heat range and you can control the heat temperature.

My wife drives a Toyota Sienna and it has the heated seats.  While you can control the temperature of the heat, that's all you can do.  It doesn't have a massage function and you don't get the option of seat only or back only.  If it's on, your getting both.  I bought two of these heated seat cushions from Wal-Mart and for a total of around $48 (including tax), and I'd say that I came out on top in this category!

So there you have it.  It's a wonderful addition to any vehicle especially during the winter months.  This product would be ideal for those who drive a vehicle that have leather seats but do not have heated seats.  So what are your thoughts?  Is there any other product that can make a vehicle more luxurious at an inexpensive price?

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