Saturday, August 28, 2010

Did Roger Clemens Ever Really Use Steroids?

On Monday, August 30, 2010, seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens will be arraigned on federal charges of perjury, making false statements and obstruction of Congress.

But did he really do the things that he is accused of doing? Did Roger Clemens really use steroids and if so, where is the proof? I'm a proof kind of guy, and when someone is accused of doing something, I want to see the proof! However, this case that he is involved in right now just seems to be a he said/she said type scenario! Well, I guess since there is no females involved it would rather be a he said/he said, but you know what I mean.

Roger Clemens testified before Congress back in February of 2008 denying that he ever used steroids during his career as a major league baseball pitcher. However Clemens' former trainer, Brian McNamee has come out and told Congress that Clemens was lying. McNamee has said that he himself personally gave Clemens steroids. To make matters even worse for Clemens, one of his former teammates, Andy Pettitte, has also come out and said that he knows for a fact that Clemens was using steroids.

Even after all this, Clemens still maintains that he never used steroids at any point in his career!

What I would like to see is a video or a picture or something that proves that he was using steroids. I don't like the fact that Clemens says he never used and these other two people say that he did, and now Clemens is accused of lying because he is outnumbered. Where is the justice in that? We need proof people! This scenario is just as bad as someone being accused of murder, yet no one can find a body!

I'll be real honest, I have never really liked Roger Clemens! I think the guy is cocky! To be really honest, I think the guy is a jerk, but I wouldn't go out and accuse him of doing something like using steroids unless I had solid evidence, such as a picture or video, of Clemens actually doing the things that he was accused of doing! That's just not right!

Maybe I'm wrong, but it just seems like to me that I keep hearing about more and more cases where they are based on hearsay rather than being based on proof! What is this country coming too?

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